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Revenue Management Resources
 Revenue Management Tips and Recommendations

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Choose the Right Distribution Channel

How do you choose which e-distribution channels are right for your hotel? Several factors need to be taken into consideration, from channel contribution potential, distribution spread and cost to how easy the channels are to manage, what types of marketing exposure they can provide and the sort of technology they use. Identify the right channels for you, manage your rates dynamically and don’t lose sight of rate parity across those channels. If you’re currently distributing rates manually to a number of different channels, a channel manager may be a suitable option for you, making your life easier and leaving that all important time available to make vital strategic decisions.

Know Your Core Customer

Ensure you assess who your core customers are. Are you targeting the right clientele? Could you attract higher spenders? Once you’ve identified your target market look at how they book their holidays – are they booking last minute or are they looking for early bird deals? Are they booking through travel agents or through their mobile? Don’t assume your customer’s habits are the same as they were two years ago and ensure you adapt your strategies to respond to the changes.

It’s all in the Relationships

One of the key factors these days in the world of revenue management is relationships.  Don’t try and do everything on your own. Invest time in building strong relationships with all of your distribution partners including online travel agents, consortia and corporate accounts.

Value is King

To drive hotel ADR, we need to remember one thing – Value is king. In a price sensitive market, value is the most important factor but this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your prices. Look at offering value added packages, free nights offers and length of stay discounts.

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